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Our Core Values & 
Inclusivity Statement

Leo Moon Events’ core values are the beliefs and principles that drive us. These values guide our everyday operations, support our vision, and shape our business culture. Here at Leo Moon Events, we put a focus on our five core values; compassion, professionalism, community, inclusion, and adaptability. Using these values, we invest in the future we want for our company, our clients, our environment, our vendor partners, and the communities we serve.

Compassion matters. In all interactions, we strive to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Everyone’s journey is different and we value and understand that not everyone communicates or processes information in the same way. We seek to understand and learn from each other.


We can be counted on to be professional in all capacities. We follow through on commitments and aim to under-promise and over-deliver to both our clients and vendor team.

We embody community over competition and know that this is an intentional practice of raising up others in our community and lending a helping hand whenever we can.

Love is love; inclusion is key. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, size, age, or religious beliefs. All are welcome.

Adaptability fuels creative thinking and problem solving. By being flexible in our processes from beginning to end, our weddings and events are continually well-rounded and successful. 

At Leo Moon Events we celebrate love in all forms and we want you to know you are invited to join us as we honor each couple’s unique celebration of love. Our core values echo this sentiment and, in turn, reflect what is truly important to us. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but, rather, are cornerstones of our business which we commit to practicing in every interaction every day.

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